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Getting into art is often intimating, but it should not be. Here are a few great places to shop for the good stuff in a way that is easy and fun, not snobby and confusing!



This online gallery based in San Francisco is a very tech-friendly experience, allowing you to view art in rooms and select art not only by style, but by collection and set-price points of $100 to several thousand. Artists are ranked based on their sales, starting as Debut and venturing up to Master. (I’m an Established Artist on Vango.co https://www.vangoart.co/krmoehr)


Breeze at Vango.co



Besides being an attractive collection of global art, the site is also an outstanding place to discover the perfect piece for nearly any space. The process is as easy as “add to cart” and typing in shipping address. They also have concierge personal consultants that will make any purchase through the site all the more special. (My latest artwork on Zatista http://www.zatista.com/product/details/56253/A-Walk-in-the-Rain)


A Walk in the Rain at Zatista.com


Gray Malin

The artist owns this bright and spectacular work. As one of the greatest fine-art photojournalists existing today, he has some considerate Slim Aarons vibes. His gallery is saturated with jet-set-dedicated large-format photography that will make any room feel like a postcard.


Art Finder

This international gallery online can help any collector find the appropriate art for their home. It has a variety of art styles and artists, so going from novice to aficionado just by browsing is likely. I have several listing on this site https://www.artfinder.com/kr-moehr

ALOFT  Buy Art Online

ALOFT at Art Finder


Little paper planes

It is a collection of artists’ curators and collectors that trades and promotes new artists. It sells painting, prints, snaps, and sculptural pieces.



Taking the position of a middleman and curator for the world's most beautiful things, 1stdibs is a great resource and a directory of some of the coolest furnishings, ornaments, watches, and fine art money can buy. It performs an excellent job filtering out the boring.


Saatchi Art

Carefully planned to be the worldwide biggest online collection of art, Saatchi Art has a little bit of everything, but most fascinatingly, has a variety of prices. Therefore, whichever the amount of money one has, there is a product for him/her. Any kind of artwork a person is willing to buy, Saatchi Art curators will offer first-rate service custom-made to a person’s specifications, space, and taste. Subject to the speca, the curator will recommend a prudently selected collection of approximately 30 works to choose from. No other art consultative platform allows such time-saving service to both individuals and trade specialists for unrestricted. I was recently included in their art catalog and have listing on their site: http://www.saatchiart.com/facetimeart


EMERGE Textured Original Art Painting
Emerge at Saatchi.com

Cashmere Abstract Soft Art
Girl in the Yellow Convertible Abstract Art
Girl in the Yellow Convertible - SOLD
Soft Abstract Painting
Snow Queen Art
Snow Queen
Love, Agua Art Painting
Love, Agua

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"I enjoy creating pieces that offer a softer,
abstract feel with lots of white or soothing colors."

interior design trends and colors for 2016

The color palette for this year is filled with shades of pink, red “meat” and peach. Read more...

Interior Design Colors 2016, Abstract Art Design
In a World of Her Own
Peach, gold, pink
Original art, interior design art

interior design tips for the diy

Common Things You Do Wrong in Decorating

Decorating your homes is an exciting and entertaining activity for some. The sense of fulfillment that you achieve after successfully finishing a home project is immeasurable and keeps one motivated in doing a better home project in the future. The benefits are also numerous. You hone your skills and creativity while creating a better home for you and your family.

However, some home decorating projects are not perfect and there are several things one can do when decorating. Here are some of the things that you should avoid to be able to achieve a successful home decorating project all the time.

Narrowing your choices

There are many ideas and inspiration out there. Limiting your options and inspirations when decorating can result to changes in the future because one will most likely be discontented with the current changes or updates that they do at home. Be sure that you have already researched all the possible options for a specific home project that you want prior to starting one to avoid exhausting your efforts, time and money to a project that will be later on replaced by a better option - a better option that was already there that you happened to miss or didn't noticed during your planning stage.

Never proceed without a plan

Even the smallest home projects needs to have a plan. Whether you are creating a small garden in your yard or you are adding a new room for your home, a plan should always be kept in handy. This should include drawings, notes, bills of materials, costing and other essential factors and ideas that you would need to have to proceed with your plan. A plan can save you a lot of time and will allow you to work continuously most likely without interruptions.

Pretending to be a professional

Some home projects can be done alone, with a few help from the households and some can only be done by professionals. Do not attempt to do a home decorating project if it is not within your skills, knowledge and capabilities. Plumbing and electrical work should be always done by professionals. Advance carpentry works also requires a professional because you might end up wasting your resources if you attempt to do a complicated all by yourself.

Evaluating quality and aesthetics

Non-professional home decorators can be often torn between a beautiful option and a durable option for a home project. It would be better to enjoy a balance between beauty, quality and budget when choosing materials and labor for decorating to be able to arrive at something efficient and beautiful at the same time. Always weigh your options and have a checklist on the pros and cons of getting one option over the other. With a restricted budget but an eye for beauty, careful considerations should be always prioritized.

You can browse the different kind of window coverings available online such as block out blinds from BlindsOnline Australia. Doing so will help you check out designs and styles that may suit your own needs and personal style preferences.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/expert/Joie_M_Gahum/2200904

Paint colors 2016

Soft Abstract Painting
Abstract acrylic on canvas
20 x 30

CMG world color forecast 2016, interior design colors 2016

Original art by kr moehr

I love to paint abstracts using a variety of mediums,
textures and styles. I work in acrylics and oil.

My art can be found on top online galleries,
in corporate offices, restaurants and
private collections worldwide.
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