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Buying Wall Art Online - Should you?

These days, most of us shop online.

We buy clothes, children's items, gifts, pet care and even rugs.

Yet some people might still be iffy about shopping online for art.

And for good reason.

Art images can present perfectly...or disastrously off-color.

Art can look large on screen and then when you take it out of the box it looks dinky on the wall.

Can you return?

How much does it cost to go through that?

These are all valid questions and things I work on to make my collectors feel calm and excited about their purchase.

I ask questions. I provide extra photos. I can even place the image into the room if you send me a photo and we can both see how it looks.


1. MEASURE! Be very sure about the dimensions  you need before you start shopping.

2. KNOW YOUR COLORS - unless you're buying purely as a collector, you're likely buying to make a room look great. In other words, you need something that works with what you've got - wall color, furniture, mood, theme, size, etc.

3. ASK QUESTIONS - this is particulary true if you're buying a commissioned piece or need more details. Is the blue a true blue, navy, indigo, blue/green...?

4. GET MORE PHOTOS - unless the artist has provided many photos, ask for more to be sure you understand how the piece will look. Get images of the sides, back or up close detail shots.

There are obviously many more things you can do to make sure the purchase is a keeper, but these are just a few.

When buying from a gallery, you'll have an intermediary. Good and bad.

Good, if you don't want to deal with the artist and hope to have a "safety" cushion between you and the creator in case something goes wrong.

Bad, because you will need to have your message conveyed through someone else. They may cut and copy your message and send it to the artist (best) or try to re-word it before sending it.

But buying direct from the artist can be scary.

Are they professional? Legit? Are they going to actually send the piece after you give them the money?

Of course, most artists will absolutely be working professionals and send you an amazing piece of art.

However, there are a couple of things you can look for before buying:

--Their site or online shopping portal. Does it look professional, legit? Does it have testimonials?

--If this looks sketchy, Google them and find where they are selling. If they have several sales through galleries, then they are likely a good bet. If not, you may wish to look for an Etsy profile or even Ebay to get an idea of their feedback.

--Do they even have an online shop or do they work through Facebook or some other social profile only? If so, they are either very  young and inexperienced, or just lazy/naive about the online buying process. Again, look to see if you can find others who have done well with a purchase from them.

--If all else fails, ask them to have a couple of buyers contact you with their experience. If they are able, they should be able to email a couple buyers and get some testimonials you can check out.

If buying a $15 original art card you may not care to jump through these hoops, but if you're buying a $1500 original piece of art that you've chosen specifically for your newly redesigned living room, you want to be sure you're dealing with a pro.

Most artists will have a good online presence unless they are just starting out.

Do your own research and due diligence and then  you can buy with a great peace of mind.

Take a look at what's new on my site and in my ETSY and SQUARE shops!


ou'll get prompt responses to your emailed questions (well, give me a Sunday off and I'll get to you immediately!)

You'll get more photos if you need them.

Send me color swatches and we can determine if the color is a fit or if you need a custom piece.

Returns? Yes, always for ready-made artwork.

Commissions are non-refundable: We discuss them at length prior to start. We agree on colors, sizes, style. You receive photos prior to artwork mailing. We agree on everything before you recieve the artwork so there really is no reason for a return.

I carefully package and ship all items. For large items, a custom wood-crate is built just for your artwork.

More questions? Just ask!

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