original abstract art by kr moehr
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Original Abstract Art Painting by KR MOEHROriginal Abstract Art Painting by KR MOEHROriginal Abstract Art Painting by KR MOEHR
  Original Abstract Art Painting by KR MOEHR  
  Collector in Naples, FL 

 I can't say enough how much we appreciate your beautiful works. Everyone that comes into our home comments about your paintings and we have shared your information with several people. I wouldn't be at all surprised if you hear from one of them in the future. 



  Ruth's Sunrise Original Modern Art Commission

Collector in CA

Karen! I just unwrapped SOFT, and I am absolutely in love with it!

I'm even more excited about the commission piece now I have to resist buying all of your other artwork online for now. Thank you!

Collector in NC

I recently purchased several pieces from you ... could Iget you to do two other variations of Fortuitous that I recently purchased from you? Thanks for creating such lovely pieces.

Thanks so much and I love your work... I may need a commission piece for our bedroom also.   

Thank you for gifting me the lovely "All In"... the colors are perfect for our new master suite!

Fortuitous in Orange Art Painting Commission Fortuitous in Blue Art Painting Commission

Collector - ETSY

Could not have been happier with how the pieces turned out. Karen was extremely patient and helped me throughout the process of figuring out exactly what I wanted. I have received so many compliments! Thank you!!!

 Gold in the Mountain, Phonician Resort, Scottsdale AZGold in the Mountain, Phonician Resort, Scottsdale AZPhoenician Resort Commission
(Presidential Suite)
 Original Modern Art Commission 


"I enjoy creating pieces that offer a softer,
abstract feel with lots of white or soothing colors."

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Never proceed without a plan

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KR Moehr, Tucson Arizona ArtistOriginal art by kr moehr

I love to paint abstracts using a variety of mediums,
textures and styles. I work in acrylics and oil.

My art can be found on top online galleries,
in corporate offices, restaurants and
private collections worldwide.
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